Two why about ANC architecture 

Why audiophiles used to avoid ANC headphones?

  1. Sacrificed audio quality
  2. Annoying hiss
  3. So-so noise reduction performance

Why the best  noise reduction stops around 30 dB so far?

  1. Sound's phase shift linear to frequency
  2. Control loop stability
  3. Nowadays ANC architecture only have one level ANC and one level passive noise reduction

Patent Pending Design

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M&O Electronics DeepANC™ architecture

Patent pending | Product under developing | Design makes difference

Feature 1: ANC with pure audio

There is no hiss and distorted audio signal any more with this new architecture. This new architecture provides separated audio and noise acoustic chambers. Also, it provides separated audio and noise speakers. Thus, audio will no longer mess with noise. Furthermore, one level of active noise cancelling process and two level of passive noise reduction process will provide expensive IEMs perfect isolation from noisy environment, so people could enjoy Hi-Fi pure audio brought by high end IEMs, cables and audio sources.

Feature 2: Broad IEMs compatibility

This new architecture offers plug-in or wireless approaches to connect this device to broad range of IEMs


After IEMs plug in or wireless connect to this device, this device will provide IEMs with Bluetooth, ANC and battery capacity.


Feature 4: 45 dB wide range noise reduction

This new architecture comes with an optimized active noise cancelling IEM, so that the overall device will reach up to 45 dB wide range noise reduction performance. This DeepANCTM technology will make you feel like sitting in a quiet room even in a Boeing 787 flight.

Feature 5: one device multi-mode operation

This new architecture will provide customers three operating modes to select in the device: Pure audio, Deep ANC or Monitoring

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